Looking for medial guidance then Mari at Änglavakt can help you!
Mari is a medium who works with guidance through the angels and ascended masters along with clairvoyance.
Änglavakt wants to give you insight och guidance through medial guidance 
so that you can turn your life around in a positive direction and achieve all your goals.

If you are over 18 years of age you are welcome to call any time of day
and you will always talk with the same person: Mari. Welcome!

Client confidentiality

I won't ask for identification. You'll remain anonymous and I don't  keep any records. You can feel safe knowing that you never have to disclose who you are or where you live.

Make a call when it suits you

It may be difficult for you to find the right time to make an undisturbed call during the day. Conveniently you can call me at a time you most need to talk.

Your goals

As your coach, we work together with your progress and goals. The conversation assists you to develop and helps you find your own answers. We talk about the present to create a better future for you. With wonderful energy I help you ignore the energy thieves that do not want you to succeed. 
We will find your inner resources to succeed!


Talk about anything

Curious about the future, or do you want to talk about something that makes you feel uneasy? You may need to talk about loneliness or depression and feel you have no one who listens and understands you. It could be a feeling of emptiness or a sense of loss of self. Difficulties in everyday life and the sense of futility may also be a reason to talk. A lack of confidence or lack of  strength to live, chronic fatigue syndrome, bullying, divorce, relationships, grief, anxiety, unemployment, alcoholism, abuse, 
threats and violence in close relationships: you can talk about anything! Call me and we'll talk.

Health tips!

Solving a problem starts by talking about it.
Free yourself from the pain in your life. A conversation starts the healing process and dissolves the difficult memories and old grievances. Call me and talk about what is weighing you down and with small steps you will reach a lighter feeling and start a new life with big leaps - right into the future!

A call that suits you

Call regardless of  the size of your problem. Some just need to make a single phone call, others may need several. You'll always talk to me; Mari, and no one else, which makes it much easier for you as it means that I already know your situation.
Easy, isn't it?

call me

Calls by the minute price

Many calls can mean expensive bills. Sometimes several calls may be needed. My low price per minute @ 17 SEK means you can talk more often. Remember that everyone over 18 are welcome to call me.

Who to turn to?

I have lots of life experience and I enjoy supporting people and helping them find balance and happiness in life. I geuinely care for people and with me you get a personal coach to help you when it comes to your existential questions. You get to talk with the same person every time (me) and in doing so you save your friends from perhaps being weighed down with your concerns in life.

Experience within many important areas of life

I am a trained nurse and health therapist and I have extensive experience with traditional and alternative medicine, surgery, cancer care, shelters, foster care, meditation and self-healing therapies. I have a great interest for people as complete beings; body & soul. I have worked with people for over 40 years. Even trained respiratory educator and Reiki - body healing and distance healing, working with pendulum and reflexology.