GAMES FOR bachelorette & bachelor party


A playful activity for best friends!

Serious yet easy-going activity for the day where you celebrate a friends upcoming nuptials.

Ny name is Mari and I've worked medially (and with body and soul) for the past 30 years.

I received a phone call recently from a person who wanted to book an appointment for guidance as part of her friend's bachelorette party.
She wanted her friend, the bride-to-be, to receive guidance regarding her future life with her chosen life partner.
We booked a date and during the appointment the conversation was both serious and fun-filled for the bride-to-be.
Her bridesmaids listened attentively in the background and at the conclusion the whole bridal party were very happy.

Games and activities during a bachelorette party can have fun, easy-going and serious elements.
A medial guidance contains all of these!

Book a medial guidance appointment for your friend's bachelorette or bachelor party with Änglavakt today.
Phone to pre-book: 0900-10 11 550.
/ Mari

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